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A guide on how to set up your own S3 nix binary cache using Minio S3 server.


What is nix?

Nix is a package manager for Linux and other Unix systems, aiming to manage packages reliably and reproducibly. To do so, it introduces Nix expressions, a functional language to build the packages. To…

Going digital has long stopped being a buzzword. In less than 30 years, half of the world population has become active internet users. It’s no wonder that discovering the planet or doing business at your fingertips is not a novelty but an everyday reality.

So, what does it mean to…


This article covers everything about 360-degree feedback, even a comparison with the Johari Window. Find out how to set it up in your startup or corporate setting.

360-degree feedback or: how we learned to stop worrying and love the feedback

How would you feel like if you received the following comments?

“It took you 4 hours to learn this task, others learned it…


This is a short article about our path from university into the professional world, why eventually work disillusion set in and how we found purpose by founding a company.

The ungrateful millennial

My co-founders and I have all grown-up as millennials in Switzerland, where we never experienced lack of food, education or security…

Decision of using LiteDB on a Raspberry Pi with ARM CPU in our IoT project.

Autonomous cleaning robot meets LiteDB
Today I would like to tell you about our current IoT project and show you how LiteDB helps us to guarantee the data persistence and availability.

IoT applications distributed…


A brief guide about hackathons and what they are about.

What is a hackathon?

Hackathon is a word creation of the words hack(-ing) and marathon. In this context, hacking stands for the development of software- or hardware-solution and the marathon describes the format, which is a 1–3 days lasting event.

Usually, it takes place…

Use Powerline to make your git repository visible.


How to configure Powerline for bash on Ubuntu and macOS to make working with git more convenient and unleash the power of instant git repository status visibility.

To sustain growth in today’s business environment, established companies, cannot any longer simply rely on established process and business models but have to constantly improve their core process. Furthermore, efficiency improvements are no longer enough to maintain business, and companies must boost their productivity and embrace new digital business models to sustain revenue growth.

According to an OECD report productivity growth has been declining since the 2000s and today stands near historical lows. In fact, in recent years, the total labor productivity growth stood at a 0.2%, compared to a positive 1.4% in 2002–2007. Yet there is hope. …

The Customer

From its headquarters in the midst of an unspoiled environment in Henau, in eastern Switzerland, Cleanfix develops and produces cleaning machines for professional use.
Thanks to its focus on providing the very best Swiss quality in cleaning solutions and their enhanced customer service and advice, Cleanfix has been able to expand…


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